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We are an inclusive, positive and Scottish collective of employers, employees, trade unions
and organisations, all subscribing to one or more of the following statements.



Staying stronger within the UK

We share a belief in the strengths and benefits of Scotland as part of the UK, the second fastest growing economy in Europe. Being part of the UK enables us to locate, work, grow and create jobs in Scotland in a seamless manner.  Our generous pooling and sharing of UK resources through the Barnett Formula allows much more public spending in Scotland than could otherwise be the case. We share the important asset of the UK pound, the clout of a G7 economy as well as the friendship and partnership of our fellow UK citizens. The UK is working for Scotland.


Protecting jobs and businesses

We see imminent threats to our ability to locate, grow, work and employ in Scotland should the country divorce itself from the UK. Under the SNP we already have the biggest deficit in the EU. We are sheltered from huge cuts to public spending, tax rises, massive job losses and capital flight by being part of the UK. A foreign Scotland, out of the UK does not work for Scotland in our view.


Progressing within the UK

Instead of goading, undermining and disengaging from the UK Govt, we want a Scottish Govt to do the opposite. We want our government to work with our partners in the UK to grow business and employment in Scotland as part of the current single market structure. We would like to see a Scottish Government embrace UK wide projects for economic and social progression such as "scale up" for innovative driven enterprises and closer relationships with the much larger resource of the UKTI. These prospects for economic growth can only work if Scotland remains in a strong and unified fiscal union with the UK.


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Short on FACTS?

See how greater separation from the UK would affect businesses and jobs in Scotland.

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Keith Cochrane - Chief Executive

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