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The People's Question Time



Get the answers you need below


Finally get the answers you need - on the pound, on the economy, on oil, on renewables, on the NHS, on the legal position, on the EU - to inform your Referendum vote from the experts at's recent event at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

See the video here

Professor Ronald MacDonald, University of Glasgow

Watch the leading Scottish economist explode the myths about an independent Scotland's finances... from the vast debts a newly independent Scotland will inherit, to why currency Plan A - and Plan B - won't work and the astonishing sums of money a newly independent state absorbs. And Professor MacDonald reveals for the first time - from the Scottish Government's own figures - why a newly independent Scotland will lose 7% competitiveness every year leading to what he calls "AUSTERITY MAX" on a scale unseen by even Greece, Spain or Argentina. Massive public service cuts, job losses and tax rises await an independent Scotland in this chillingly precise and accessible talk.

See the video here

Professor Adam Tomkins, University of Glasgow

Watch the leading Scottish constitutional academic demolish the lies and deceptions of the YES campaign's legal position on the UK settlement, the challenges to Scotland's entry into the EU and why the pound is not Scotland's. In a brutal demolition of the key planks of the YES campaign's manifesto, Professor Tomkins demonstrates how undecided voters have been given a mixture of falsehoods and misdirection by the YES campaign. Cogently and forcefully, Professor Tomkins explains why this attempt at industrial mendacity fails constitutionally, economically, socially and politically.

See the video here

Rt Hon Brian Wilson

Watch the Labour former Cabinet member and Energy expert on the failures of Scottish Nationalism and why Scotland's hydrocarbon and renewable energy wealth - a formidable resource and a great asset - has been mis-sold to the electorate by the YES campaign promising unrealistic tax revenues and greater investment that simply won't materialise if Scotland votes to become an independent state.

See the video here

Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

Watch Danny Alexander argue with passionate simplicity about the strength Scotland - currently and historically - derives from being part of the United Kingdom and how Scotland is now poised to lead the rest of the UK into a new settlement bringing greater opportunity not just to Scotland but to cities and towns within Scotland and the rest of the UK after a NO vote on the 18th September.

See the video here

George Galloway, Why we need to vote NO #indyref

George Galloway talks to the SRS about why we should vote NO on September 18th at the Scottish referendum #indyref


See the video here